Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fallen Chapter 1.

This is my first story ever, please be kind. I have to thank; NightTempest, Kitten2010, Gweal, And NoMoreTears for their friendship, their guidance, and their hardwork in keeping me sane. The editing has not been done so this is rough. Thank you !

Chase Belial was your average high school student. Good grades, good manners, good…. well, good everything .  Sometimes, first glances are not always what they are cracked up to be.
“Look, I don’t want to be beat up on my last day Michael. Could you just leave me alone.”  Chase cried out as he was backed into the wall cowering as much inside as he could to keep a brave exterior. Michael reached backed and punched Chase Square in the eye. Chases world blacked and he passed out on the dirty locker room floor.
The Halls of Gabrielle High School were almost empty, the ancient musty smelling building seemed even more ominous than usual. The locker filled hallways usually overflowing with chatting boys, now scattered with only a few faint conversations and sounds of rustling papers. The eerie silence was broken by the only person in the school who Chase called friend.
“Hey little guy.” Keagans’ deep voice boomed down the Gothic styled hall as he waved his free hand high above his head.  He re-adjusted his back pack on his other shoulder then quickly made his way across the tile floor, his loose Nike Air Max’s slapping the floor harshly with every step.
“Hi.” Replied Chase when Keagan neared, face planted deep into his locker.
“You ready to go?” Keagan asked knowing full well Chase was nowhere near ready. He took the time to look around and let his eyes wonder. This school was really creepy the walls were solid stone carved with columns and arched doorways there were at least 2 stone gargoyles in each hallway staring down each end as if guarding from unknown evil.
“Give me five minutes and I will be.” Chased barked again without pulling his head out of his locker. Chase was hiding a secret, he knew Keagan would blow up the minute he turned to face him, this wasn’t the place for that.
Chase continued to rip down the wrapping paper he lined his door with. The mirror he used every day to make sure his red hair was still perfectly styled. Lastly he delicately removed the picture of him and Keagan last Christmas when they wound up under the mistletoe and Keagan kissed his cheek. His mother was a saint for catching that perfect moment for him in photo form.
“I am ready but first promise me you wont get mad when I turn around and have faith that I took care of it, ok?”
 “Chase what the hell is going on?” Keagans voice cracked as he reared towards Chase.
“Promise me Keagan!” This was a statement not a question this time.
“Ok, I will do my best little guy.”
Chase turned and slowly closed his locker, closing his eyes into a tight squint and pulling his head closer to his buddy trying his best to huddle from what was about to erupt in that small hallway.
“WHAT THE FUCK CHASE! How did this happen I was only gone like 30 minutes and I come back and you have a huge red lump around your eye?” Keagan began pacing back and forth in front of Chase, anger and rage filling his body. He kept punching his fist and mumbling vile words under his breath. “ I am pretty sure that’s going to be a wicked bad bruise tomorrow.” He stopped pacing and took Chases face into his hands turning it up towards the lights.
“Who did this?” His anger was now gone, only sadness filled his words.
“It’s not important. I did tell you I took care of it.” Chase swatted his hands away and pulled back from the incredibly warm and soft embrace. “If he continues to hold me like that I might just melt into him and never move.” Chases’ internal dialogue was in rare form today.
“Can we just go please I’m ready to leave high school behind me and move onto summer.” Chase reached down and threw his bag over his shoulder and moved swiftly through the halls trying his best to get out of that hell of a place before anything else happened to him.
Suddenly he stopped, standing completely motionless as if an invisible force was freezing him. A large shapeless shadow had just moved from the doorframe and slid down the hall along side him and Keagan. “Nothing in this hall could cause that. What the hell is it?” Chase mouthed.
“Did you see that?” Keagan sounded just a wee bit panicked. He was moving close to Chase in a protective way.
“Uh… I am not sure what I saw but it freaked me out.” Was Chases’ reply.
The shadow continued down the hallway sinking into the floor just ahead of them and disappeared down a small crack. Keagan grabbed Chase by the shoulder and the two took off running down the hallway in the opposite direction towards the front door. Down one hallway, up three flights of stairs turning quickly left and darting quickly down another hall sweat and fear pouring off both of them. Once they cleared the front door into the blinding sun and heat of midday the two took to bending over, hands on knees trying to control their breathing.
“I am so glad to be out of that living hell.” Chase said through gasping breaths.
“ I never believed the rumors that the school was haunted.” Keagans voice was as shaky as his hands.  Both Chase and Keagan stood there in the sun for what seemed like hours just staring at each other and back at the eerie school. Finally Chase got up the nerve to walk over to Keagan and hug him.
“Thank you for protecting me.” He said sheepishly looking into Keagans Hazel eyes. A multitude of emotions from shame to lust flowed through him.
“We should get going dude, I’ve got practice in an hour.” Keagan opened the passenger side door to his BMW for Chase and he slid into the leather seats that fit his body so perfect, after 4 years of sitting in the same place everyday. Keagan let the top come down and into the trunk before he took off down the streets of Warwick Maine.
Chase loved riding in the convertible, seeing Keagans’ shaggy blonde hair blowing in the wind only served to amplify the sexy chiseled jaw line and expressive hazel eyes that he possessed. Often times he would take his shirt off as they drove and today was no exception Keagan reached down and grabbed at his T and in one swift move he pulled it off and over his head tossing it at Chase. It landed on his face as always, Chase took that moment to inhale deeply letting his scent permate every fiber of his nose before ripping it off and stuffing it in his backpack. Chase quickly adjusted himself so Keagan wouldn’t know he was turned on, too late he caught Keagan wink out of his right eye. Chase blushed 4 different shades of red before dropping his head in shame.
“I am pathetic lusting after someone so hot, those abs alone would prove that….are there really eight?” Chase snuck another quick glance only to catch Keagan running his left hand up and down them as if he knew what Chase was thinking. Chase blushed again returning to his position of shame.
Keagan loved teasing Chase to no end, he knew he was in love with him there was never any question about that. Chase had come out to Keagan two years ago and their bond was stronger because of it. Keagan adored his little friend more than any precious stone but he wasn’t gay, so he could only tease him to fill his needs. Chase was very cute at 5’ 7” green eyes like expensive emeralds and the softest peaches and crème colored skin he was perfect. Not to mention his red hair the color of a summer bon fire even spiked up like flames. He called him little guy because he was skinny not weak but lean muscled, Keagan dragged him to the gym every day to get that boy “some tone” as he often said.
They pulled into Chases’ driveway Keagan jumped out over the door not even bothering to open it. He reached out and opened Chases door for him. Even if he wasn’t gay there was no reason he couldn’t still be a gentleman. With a huge smile he placed his right hand on across his waist and bowed left arm behind Chases’ back.
“My King your humble abode.” He said in his best British accent. Before busting out laughing.
“You really are a jerk you know that.” Chase replied placing his hand on Keagans chest shoving him backwards.
“Are you trying to pick a fight?” A devilish half grin slide across Keagans face and a playfulness in his voice.
“No…NO I just meant…ahh damnit……” Chase started to back away slowly, his hands out in front of him shaking from side to side. He then turned to run albeit slower then he could normally but he was giggling now and it’s hard to run when you laugh. He was swiftly over taken by Keagan, as they tumbled to the ground both caught in their laughter they never noticed the group of shadows taking refuge in the trees of the woods behind them.


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  2. Thank you so much Missie. Chapter 2 should be posted in about a week. Your feedback means the world to me.

    1. My pleasure :) Good stories and storiestarts all need someone to appreciate them :)

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