Friday, March 8, 2013

Chapter 6

Sooo guess what....Here's chapter 6. I know its short but I am completely uninspired right now. Depression has hit hard and my current boy whatever he is, is breaking me into a thousand pieces and stepping on them. So I am finding it hard to focus on anything but my pain. I hope this is okay enough for you all. With spring coming I am hoping to get more inspiration soon. Thank for reading I love all of ya'll. =)

When I woke up my head was resting tenderly in Keagan’s lap. The slow rhythmic breathing that came from him let me know he was fast asleep. I made to move away from him, but his arms grew heavy and tight around me, essentially locking me in place.
“Hey” He said in a sleepy rushed voice.
I managed a small “Hi” but my face must have betrayed me because he looked into my eyes and said, “I’m sorry.” Before letting me go. I didn’t make to get up or even move, I just laid there under his gaze while I waited for an explanation. But nothing came, he wasn’t going to make this easy was he.
“What the FUCK was all that, what did you turn into? What have I become?” I squeezed my eyes tight , I will not cry. I will not give him the pleasure. Because I knew who/what I have become. I could feel it inside me growing, consuming me and I loved the feeling, the POWER. I was finally going to be strong and no one would bully me or forget about me again.
“CHASE!” Kea’s voice was struck with such grief and sorrow I looked up at him and ran my hand out to touch his face. As I did I noticed my skin was now wrapped in a wide dark black stripe that roped up both my arm’s, down my torso all the way to my feet. It wasn’t just dark black, it was as black as the deepest pit where no light ever made it to its depth. It looked like a badass Tribal tattoo but honestly against my white skin I looked like an awkward evil candy cane. I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, franticly trying to rub the tattoo off to no avail. I was freaking out. What was I going to say to my parent’s? How do you explain to your family that suddenly you have become hell spawn, all the things they had read to you in the stories to scare him to behave, I was now that very thing! But aside from the tattoo I couldn’t see anything new…. That was until I got to my face. Oh I was still cute, still had my upturned button nose, my soft delicate high cheekbones and my soft pink pouty lips. But now I had tri-colored eyes red at the center nearest the pupil then orange in the middle ending in a bright vibrant yellow almost golden in its tone. It gave the illusion that my eyes like my hair were a kindling fire ready to consume anything and anyone in a heartbeat.
I slammed my back against the wall and slid down it to rest on the floor with my knees drawn up to my chest and began to weep. Crying because I was scared, crying because I was happy, But mostly I didn’t want Keagan to leave me. As if reading my mind he came into the bathroom and picked me up. I laid my face into the curve of his neck and inhaled his scent, so masculine so spicy I let it wrap around my senses and calm me down. I wrapped my legs around his waist and let him draw me in closer, to truly hold me while I still trembled.
“I said I loved you Chase and I meant it, you are the one I have waited Centuries to find. There is no way I will ever let you go. Especially now that you need me.” I looked into his eyes now a deep sparkling crystal blue that looked like they were carved from very rare sapphires. 
“How long have you been hiding among the Humans, Raziel?”
“long enough to become one.” He wasn’t startled by my use of his real name, he just seemed really really sad and afraid. I tightened my hold around him making sure he knew I still loved him. “I am glad you waited for me.” He seemed to like that. I felt the muscles in his body relax a little. I realized that he too had the same thought. No there was no way I could ever leave him, I loved him.
“I know you have many questions Chase, some of them I can’t answer. It’s not my place. But we cannot do this here. It is not safe.  The shadows here have ears to an unkind foe.” With that, he touched his fingers to our lips and made a shushing noise.  Then pointed to the shadow near the window that I hadn’t noticed before. I looked at it closer. It wasn’t in line with the setting sun, no the angle was all wrong.
“ Eger pencere. Kendinizi gosterin.” Some how the words just came to me, I spoke them like it was my only language.
“Chase how do you know that language?”
“It just came to me like I knew exactly what to say.”
“That was Turkish Chase, Know one around here knows that.” He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me while yelling this at me. I broke his hold on me “ You don’t think I know this Kea? It just came to me like the words were as easy to say as English is. Now we need to deal with the spy.” We both turned to where the shadow was and now a small man sat cross legged on the floor staring daggers at both of us.
Keagan took the lead and walked over to the window. With his arms tensed by his side and a stance that showed he was ready to spring into action if need be. he spoke to the man. “What is your name creature?”
“Bahamut.” His voice was a hiss like a thousand fires or a lizard dragging their belly across the stone.
“Why are you here Dragon King?”
“The what Raz?”
“Bahamut here is the Dragon King. He controls the dragons of both shadow and light, he is supposed to be neutral.” With that Raziel grabbed Bahamut by the throat and lifted him off the ground. “You should have stayed out of this war child king.”
“Do not confuse this lesser humanoid form for weakness Angel, for you know my true nature and you should fear me. Now let me be or I will tell your Divinity of what you have been hiding here in the boy.” He shot me a look of a pure hatred. I matched it knowing my eyes glowed like fresh ember from a ragging fire. He lowered his head and spoke in his hissing language. Where he was once only thin air was left and he was gone.
“We need to meet with Sarafinah, NOW!”