Friday, March 8, 2013

Chapter 6

Sooo guess what....Here's chapter 6. I know its short but I am completely uninspired right now. Depression has hit hard and my current boy whatever he is, is breaking me into a thousand pieces and stepping on them. So I am finding it hard to focus on anything but my pain. I hope this is okay enough for you all. With spring coming I am hoping to get more inspiration soon. Thank for reading I love all of ya'll. =)

When I woke up my head was resting tenderly in Keagan’s lap. The slow rhythmic breathing that came from him let me know he was fast asleep. I made to move away from him, but his arms grew heavy and tight around me, essentially locking me in place.
“Hey” He said in a sleepy rushed voice.
I managed a small “Hi” but my face must have betrayed me because he looked into my eyes and said, “I’m sorry.” Before letting me go. I didn’t make to get up or even move, I just laid there under his gaze while I waited for an explanation. But nothing came, he wasn’t going to make this easy was he.
“What the FUCK was all that, what did you turn into? What have I become?” I squeezed my eyes tight , I will not cry. I will not give him the pleasure. Because I knew who/what I have become. I could feel it inside me growing, consuming me and I loved the feeling, the POWER. I was finally going to be strong and no one would bully me or forget about me again.
“CHASE!” Kea’s voice was struck with such grief and sorrow I looked up at him and ran my hand out to touch his face. As I did I noticed my skin was now wrapped in a wide dark black stripe that roped up both my arm’s, down my torso all the way to my feet. It wasn’t just dark black, it was as black as the deepest pit where no light ever made it to its depth. It looked like a badass Tribal tattoo but honestly against my white skin I looked like an awkward evil candy cane. I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, franticly trying to rub the tattoo off to no avail. I was freaking out. What was I going to say to my parent’s? How do you explain to your family that suddenly you have become hell spawn, all the things they had read to you in the stories to scare him to behave, I was now that very thing! But aside from the tattoo I couldn’t see anything new…. That was until I got to my face. Oh I was still cute, still had my upturned button nose, my soft delicate high cheekbones and my soft pink pouty lips. But now I had tri-colored eyes red at the center nearest the pupil then orange in the middle ending in a bright vibrant yellow almost golden in its tone. It gave the illusion that my eyes like my hair were a kindling fire ready to consume anything and anyone in a heartbeat.
I slammed my back against the wall and slid down it to rest on the floor with my knees drawn up to my chest and began to weep. Crying because I was scared, crying because I was happy, But mostly I didn’t want Keagan to leave me. As if reading my mind he came into the bathroom and picked me up. I laid my face into the curve of his neck and inhaled his scent, so masculine so spicy I let it wrap around my senses and calm me down. I wrapped my legs around his waist and let him draw me in closer, to truly hold me while I still trembled.
“I said I loved you Chase and I meant it, you are the one I have waited Centuries to find. There is no way I will ever let you go. Especially now that you need me.” I looked into his eyes now a deep sparkling crystal blue that looked like they were carved from very rare sapphires. 
“How long have you been hiding among the Humans, Raziel?”
“long enough to become one.” He wasn’t startled by my use of his real name, he just seemed really really sad and afraid. I tightened my hold around him making sure he knew I still loved him. “I am glad you waited for me.” He seemed to like that. I felt the muscles in his body relax a little. I realized that he too had the same thought. No there was no way I could ever leave him, I loved him.
“I know you have many questions Chase, some of them I can’t answer. It’s not my place. But we cannot do this here. It is not safe.  The shadows here have ears to an unkind foe.” With that, he touched his fingers to our lips and made a shushing noise.  Then pointed to the shadow near the window that I hadn’t noticed before. I looked at it closer. It wasn’t in line with the setting sun, no the angle was all wrong.
“ Eger pencere. Kendinizi gosterin.” Some how the words just came to me, I spoke them like it was my only language.
“Chase how do you know that language?”
“It just came to me like I knew exactly what to say.”
“That was Turkish Chase, Know one around here knows that.” He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me while yelling this at me. I broke his hold on me “ You don’t think I know this Kea? It just came to me like the words were as easy to say as English is. Now we need to deal with the spy.” We both turned to where the shadow was and now a small man sat cross legged on the floor staring daggers at both of us.
Keagan took the lead and walked over to the window. With his arms tensed by his side and a stance that showed he was ready to spring into action if need be. he spoke to the man. “What is your name creature?”
“Bahamut.” His voice was a hiss like a thousand fires or a lizard dragging their belly across the stone.
“Why are you here Dragon King?”
“The what Raz?”
“Bahamut here is the Dragon King. He controls the dragons of both shadow and light, he is supposed to be neutral.” With that Raziel grabbed Bahamut by the throat and lifted him off the ground. “You should have stayed out of this war child king.”
“Do not confuse this lesser humanoid form for weakness Angel, for you know my true nature and you should fear me. Now let me be or I will tell your Divinity of what you have been hiding here in the boy.” He shot me a look of a pure hatred. I matched it knowing my eyes glowed like fresh ember from a ragging fire. He lowered his head and spoke in his hissing language. Where he was once only thin air was left and he was gone.
“We need to meet with Sarafinah, NOW!”

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fallen Ch. 5

Here you go guys Ch. 5 or is it 6 who knows. Read and Comment I need the love with all the shit that has been going on in my day to day. Anyways enjoy!
The smell of fresh salty air always worked to calm my nerves, today was no different. It assaulted me from the moment I left the rank smell of biker bar, I can only take the scent of stale beer and cigarettes so long before I had to be near something fresh and clean. That women, no creature cause that is truly what she was, did a number on me. I’ve never been that angry in my entire life. Where had all that rage come from, why did my back burn like something was trying to crawl through my skin? I absent-mindedly reached back to feel if there was something there. To my relief there was nothing, I let out a heavy sigh. Focusing back on my train of thought; how did they know each other, did they really smell my arousal or where they just reading my body language? Deep breathes Chase, Keagan will explain everything he said so. So many questions to ask, but as I continued my walk in the early afternoon sun, drenching my pale white skin with its golden warmth my mind strayed to happier things. They smell of all the local restaurants and food vendors mingling in the wind reminding me that I was very hungry. Then next came the wind swirling wrapping me in a velvet soft blanket of warmth and salt water, flowing from me feet all the way up to flutter my long eye lashes. I let a little giggle escape my mouth, closing my eyes I leaned my head back and laughed into the wind, that seemed to spur it on, as if the wind was alive and could feel my happiness. I felt weightless almost airborne, light as a feather, not a single care in the world as the wind whipped and caressed the skin left bare by my baby blue tank top and brown khaki cargo shorts.

I hadn’t even noticed that I had wandered down to the picnic area of the beach. This was one of my favorite places to come when my mind was heavy with worry or grief. I guess I auto-piloted here but that couldn’t be this place was over a mile away from where the bar was, closer to my house someplace I have walked to many times. How the hell did I get here? Great another worry to add to the list, how will Keagan know where I am he has my phone in his pocket, ugh! I am sure this isn’t the place because I would definitely remember walking here, it just has to be another part of the beach that looks familiar, yea that’s it. But as I looked around I noticed all the things that always brought me here; the rocks that sat cropped out deep into the ocean that looked like a grey and silver hand reaching for help, the line of trees that blanketed the shore from the houses beyond giving you a private serine less commercialized section of beach, and then there was my favorite part the beach volleyball nets. I have spent years sitting here watching the local guys get sweaty as they play hours of guy on guy matches. Sometimes they were in groups but mostly it was one on one, small towns sometimes have a harder time of attracting a lot of groups interested in the same things.

Today however there was a group of six guys, I have never seen that many before or for that matter these guys. Who are they, I know everyone in town? I took a seat on an outcrop of boulders nestled between the trees and the beach near the guys playing volleyball and watch while I thought about everything that had happened today. I guess I was staring, because the one closest to me came stalking towards me with a determined look on his face. I couldn’t help but to continue to stare either from lust, or fear making it impossible to move. He may be stalking towards me in a rapid motion through sand, but he was extremely graceful like a floating dance of feet and sand.
“Hi, I’m Raph.” He gave me a pleasant smile that I briefly saw between my eyes roaming his entire body. His voice was husky gravely even, sounding much older that he looked to be.
“I’m Chase.” I replied sounding very shaky. I was scared I was about to be beaten up for obviously staring at this guy and his buddies and he was just the scouting party to make sure I was alone. I drew in an audible breath to try to calm my nervous, I just didn’t mean it to sound so loud.
“Don’t be nervous hatchling, I came to say Hi cause I could see how in distress you are. Plus your are just so freaking cute. He reached out to rub the back of his hand across my cheek, I leaned into his touch, not having much of this my whole life I let myself sink into this indulgence. I will have to explain all this to Kea later but for now I am going to enjoy this attention.
“Uh, Thanks. But I think my boyfriend would probably like you to keep your hands to yourself.” I gave him a reluctant half smile hoping he would at least understand that I was enjoying it greatly, but I can’t just go around being with every guy who finally shows me interest. I gave myself a few more moments to look this guy over. He was much taller then me 6’ 3” at least, very broad of shoulder, Deep rich olive toned skin much like Keagan’s with espresso brown short spiky hair. He had muscles on every square inch of his frame bulging and flexing as he breathed and moved. I had a hard time not licking a trail from his abs up to his nipples as he stood over me looking down at me with eyes so rich and deep brown like twin pools of Hershey’s chocolate, flecked with glittering gold that shined like the mid day sun. I felt dizzy and had to brace myself to make sure I didn’t fall of this rock.
“Would you like to join us for a game?”
“I’m not very good at anything that requires much athleticism.” I blushed under his steamy gaze. I was getting very hot and needed to get out from under this stare of his.
“Oh come on. Indulge me, since you can’t be my guy let me at least show you what you’re missing.” He flashed me a brilliant white smile of perfect teeth.  I offered him my hand and let him left me from the rocks. He offered me his elbow like a real gentleman and I took him placing my arm looped through his. I snuggled closer to his body relishing this much attention from a god. He looked down at me and smiled.
“You are absolutely the cutest thing I have seen in a Millennia. I had only wished I had know about you and this peaceful town sooner.” What an odd statement. I didn’t want to interrupt this amazing moment in my life with stupid questions so I did the coy thing and hid my face in his arm and said “thank you”.
“Chase this is Mike, Gabe, Ry, Izzy and Zeke. These are my comrades and buddies.”
Ry was the first to speak. “Leave you alone for 5 minutes Raph and you are already poaching the locals.” He had a voice like warm cookies straight from the oven, you know how they just warm and delight you straight to your core, yea that’s exactly what he did to me. I let go of Raph and whent to Ry and gave this man a hug.
“If you wanted one of your own you could have went yourself. No need to bedazzle this one Ry he has a boyfriend. I Just wanted him to know who we were.”
He gave a look to all the men who were all so unbelievably gorgeous like statues done long ago from solid marble, except this marble was warm and soft and nice to rub on. That look though what was it; jealousy, anger, no it had to be something else, more along the lines of fear. I looked up at the guy I was snuggled into, he had more of a square jaw much more masculine then Raph with blonde hair kept short but parted on the side but still gorgeous beyond human perfection, these men they were almost angelic. I gasped in my head, these names I know these names, well not these exact names but they are all very familiar like plays on their actual real names.

I pushed off Ry and did my turn all the men were broad of shoulder all over six foot tall all built for war. Mike had black hair like the deepest darkest moment of night with black eyes to match, Gabe had Carmel colored hair with hazel eyes that seemed to change color right before me, Izzy was the shortest of the 6 men his hair was grey with white streaks he kept it short like me spiked in a way that made it look like a grey and white flame to match my red and orange one. His eyes were a non-descript color of grey like a storm out at sea. Zeke could be my twin, except he was 6’ 2” and had muscles but we both had red hair and green eyes he just let his hair grow out down to touch his neck but he kept it swept back.
Something moved at the edge of the court and all the men tensed and flanked me, putting me deep inside them in a very macho protective way. I could feel the muscles coiling under their skin, then my own skin was pricked with electricity but nothing was there I looked every where, nothing was on me but I could feel it humming and vibrating all around me. It was incredibly uncomfortable to stand here. I tried to step forward but I was grabbed and braced against a very solid body I couldn’t move an inch.
“Let the boy go Ark’s came a very familiar voice.”
“Keagan!” I yelled for him. Everyone relaxed all the tension and electricity leaving the circle of men. I ran to Kea and hugged him tight.
“So, what’s been going on? How did you get all the way out here?”
“I honestly don’t know.” I looked in to Keagan’s bright eyes and suddenly felt okay like a deep knowledge of hope was locked away inside those tiny pools of blue.
“ Honestly Raz you need to do a better job of watching after this Hatchling. He is manifesting already.” This came from Raph.
“I know what he is doing but this is sudden even for his blood line.”
“Never underestimate the power of ones own soul Raz. You should know this better than anyone of us.” He motioned to all the other men.  “Now take him home and teach him NOW! It sounded like an order or a command.
“I do not take orders from the likes of you Raph.” The two men came face to face Keagan growing in height till he was face to face with the other unyielding man.
The air around the men grew heavy, so hard to breathe in so I backed up a bit more till the air was lighter. A sphere of dust, sand and water grew around the two men electricity arched and flashed from them crackling into the now heavy with thunder clouds midday sky.  What the HELL is going on here, did I black out and wind up in a comic book?
I huge crackling sound like a flag whipping in the wind sounded and I instantly snapped my gaze back to the two men facing off only this time what I saw was nothing like I could have even expected. The two men were now engulfed in a storm of power so thick and heavy I wasn’t sure the beach would survive, but what really caught my eye was Keagan now had wings, waite what? KEAGAN HAS WINGS! Yes he has wings the color of pure spun gold dipped in the whitest snow I have ever seen spanning what had to be 12 feet across. They were put back in an attack posture franticly flapping like they wanted to tear into the other man who had his own set of wings to match Kea’s only his were pure white like the freshest snow fall in winter.
The two men went at it fist flying wings slashing at flapping around. They went airborne. Keagan came at Raph punching him solidly in the face. Raph recovered landing a job into Kea’s ribs. I bright gleam of metal flashed at Raph’s back.  I had less then a heartbeat to react. I let the rage, the fear consume me bringing me back to how I felt in the bar. The fury hit me in a slam in my gut, then I let out a scream that set the sky on fire and all the men turned to me in that moment shocked at what was now standing in my place. I opened my eyes to see all the men hovering in the sky that burned the color of fire; red, orange, yellow I looked at the men I saw the briefest flash of fear on all there eyes and in that moment I knew exactly what I had to do, Like I had the knowledge in me this whole time just locked deep inside and this anger had let me release it.
My own set of wings had come to me only mine weren’t white and all things beautiful, no mine were inherently different, like me. Black feather like those of a raven that when you turn in the light and catch all the colors of the rainbow at the base then faded into a deep rich bronze color at the tips. I flexed them and realized they were only about 10 foot across but that’s all I needed. I held the image of Keagan in my mind and just like that I was floating next to him flapping my wings in an irritated fashion.  All the men jumped back flapping their wings franticly trying to scramble away to regroup and understand what it is they are dealing with.  Raph tried to pull that sword out from his back but I was faster a sword that was matte black and edge in flames so bright they burned blue and white flashed down and across his chest opening a crimson gash where it was only an instant ago.
“What that can’t be!” The edge to his voice gave it all away, he was scared very scared.
“Go, tell your master what you have seen today and tell him I am no longer a child and he needn’t send his dogs to watch over me. I have what I need.” I looked to Keagan who was wearing a shit eating grin.
“Now you” I point my sword at Kea “ We are leaving and you have some explaining to do. Grab my hand and we will be off and away from these dogs.” I spit at the name dogs. Kea did exactly as I told him and in that moment we were back in my back yard. No wings no swords just the two of us standing near the edge of my pool. Then the world went black.