Monday, June 11, 2012


So, I have chapter 5 done but not 4 yet weird huh. lol But I am working on 4. I wanted to let everyone know that I am switching it up from third person to 1st person. Things are about to get super serious and 3rd just felt so impersonal. Don't forget to follow me on twitter where I often post teasers for what is to come.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspiration for Azua.

Fallen Ch.3

I know it has been Quite some time since I have posted, but in my real world I have taken on a new job where I just don't have time to do as I please. So without further ado here is chapter 3 in unedited form. I believe chapter 4 could be up in a week or so. I have some teasers I will be posting to twitter so make sure you follow me for updates and to harass me to get shit done. I love you all thanks for all the good feedback.

As Chase laid in bed catching his breath, trying his best to grasp what he had seen what he had felt. His mind was going over and over, “Was it real?” He was scared, confused and wishing he had answers. Completely caught up in his own mind he hadn’t even realized the body laying next to him holding on with a death grip.
Keagan had carried Chase up to his bed once he fell asleep on his shoulder. Being careful he placed the smaller male on his back on the comforter atop his bed.  Ever so slightly, he creaped his way out of the room. Just as he was reaching the door Chase moaned loudly in pain. Keagan raced back to his best friend, concern gripping his mind, love forming a knot in his throat. Even though Keagans mind was warning him to run and leave what ever these new feelings were behind, his heart was even louder with the need to stay, to protect, to care for the smaller male crying in pain below him.  So with out a thought more, he slipped into bed and cuddled up to Chase, pulling his form to his as if they were made of one piece. Chases crying calmed and his breathing evened out, Keagan held tight to his friend as he too fell asleep.
Now that Chase had come back to reality he was kind of freaked out. They were close but this, this kind of closeness was new. How was he going to look at his best friend in the eyes again was it ok for a straight guy to cuddle his gay best friend.

“You know what, Fuck it!” Chase said sarcastically in his head, as he slid back into Keagans warm arms laying his head on his shoulder.  Those strong warm arms tightened instinctively to the small male and pulled him in closer, deeper. Chase felt a big smile pull across Keagans face on his forehead.
“Chase, are you ok?” A gravely concerned voice came out.
“I honestly don’t know.” Chase spent the next 10 minutes explaining to Keagan what he had seen and been a part of. Keagan didn’t move to push Chase away or even let the space between them become more than just a breath. When Chase was done with his story Keagan grabbed him by the chin bringing his emerald eyes up to meet his, as he did so Chase felt a large dry lump collect in his throat. He tried frantically to swallow it back done but it just wouldn’t go away.
“Chase, I am not sure if that was a dream or if you really were somewhere else. When I brought you up here you seemed not in control of your own body or for that matter your own mouth. The way you were contorting yourself in the bed and the sounds and moans you were producing were scary, I couldn’t bring myself to leave I felt my heart breaking every step I took further away from you. “
“Please don’t!” Chase exclaimed pushing his palms flat against Keagans chest shoving his best to get away from this man he didn’t seem to know anymore.
“Chase please…” Keagans begging was heartfelt.
“Do you even know what the hell you are doing to me right now, how every touch you give me makes my whole world shake?”  Chase was mad, furry fueled his words anger for years of longing and desire being squashed. “How dare you tell me all this now, now that you are leaving in less than a week. Fuck you Kea!” Chase stood from the bed folding his arms across his chest trying to hold the pieces of his heart from falling out of his chest. Warm salty tears streamed down his face as he continued to pace listening to Keagans’ explanation.
“ Honestly Chase I am out of my element here, I have never felt anything like this for you till today when we were wrestling in the front yard.” Keagan sat up in the bed legs crossed in front of him hands over his face.
“What, what are you talking about? Are you seriously trying to tell me you are in love with me, NOW!”
“No, I just…. I don’t know. I can’t bare to be far away from you, my heart aches when I am even a few feet away. I am straight this shouldn’t be happening.” Keagan was slowly reaching his breaking point of weirdness for one day.
“Kea, please don’t say anything you don’t mean to me, my heart can’t take your rejecting me. He sat down on the bed next to Keagan.
With out warning he locked his lips to Chases and kissed him with such aggression it took Chases breath away and when he opened his mouth to breath Kea slammed his tongue deep into it. Their tongues wrestled and Chase was quickly losing and it was a battle he was fine with surrendering to. After what seemed like forever he pulled off Chase and looked at him through hooded eyes dark with lust.
“Sorry guy, I just had to know what it was like.”
“It…It’s” Chase couldn’t speak. “Ok.” He replied sheepishly “What was I saying, it was more than ok it was perfect. It was everything I wanted, everything I dreamed of every waking hour. I was sure he could feel my steel cock pressing into his leg because I could sure feel his pressing into my stomach.” “Oh fuck he’s hard!” Chase gasped in his head.
“Keagan” He tried to speak again but was met with his mouth once more. This time less aggressive but filled with more passion. He let his tongue trace the outline of Chases lips before locking on and shoving into his mouth suppressing Chases tongue into submission. Chase threw his head back to breath but Kea trailed his tongue down Chases’ jaw and on to his neck where he bite down slightly and Chase shuddered with anticipation and wanton need. He licked back up to his ear sucking the lobe into his mouth and twirling his tongue around it. Chase gasped and tried to suck in air but it wasn’t enough he started to moan and literally came in his underwear at that moment. His own body betrayed him. “Ugh!”
He went limp in Keagans arms. Keagan drew him close and whispered in Chases ear “ I think somewhere deep inside I have always loved you little guy.”
“Wh..What?” Chases mind hadn’t yet returned to him yet. “ Please don’t say things you don’t mean.”  Chase was now over the edge feeling shy for having a hair trigger and now hearing the things he’s always wanted to from the man he has always wanted them coming from too.  
“Chase I can’t promise you anything, I am leaving for school in a week but can we please try this, see where it goes. Can you give me a chance?” 
“Please….. I can’t Kea. No I can not loose you as my best friend if this goes sour.”
“You will never lose me no matter what, you are my little guy, the one I have protected since we were 5 and met in kindergarten. You are my best friend, my comrade and above all else now that one I want to call my own.” Keagans eyes met Chases and in a heart beat he knew those words were true.
“ I am willing to try.” He replied.
“Now, did you get off while we were kissing?” A heated blush crept all across Chases body.
“I…Uh….well…. yea I did.” Chase hid his face from Keagan, he was ashamed.
 “I am not ashamed of what I did, nor should you. Believe me, it was a huge ego boost for me to be able to get you off with just my tongue. I will never forget that.” He kissed him lightly on the tip of his nose before scooting out of chases bed.
Chase sat up sadness in His eyes “Are you leaving?”
“I have to bud it’s like two in the morning.”
“Oh, ok I was just thinking you could stay over and we could just sleep like we did before, this time with me actually aware.” Chase giggled a little.
“No, I am not sure I am ready for your parents to know about us yet. Plus we really should go slow.”
“I understand.” Chase looked down at his bed, twirling the sheets in-between his fingers. Keagan came over and lifted Chase out of the bed, and stood him up in front of the mirror over his dresser.
“Look….. do you see what I see?”
“No. what am I looking for…… OH Kea, How dare you!” Chase snapped His head around only to see Kea brimming with pride rocking back and forth on his heals.
“What? I had to mark my property before I left didn’t I? Can’t have these boys thinking you’re up for grabs.”
“But you’re straight that is not fair for me.”
“I know but I hate the thought of any other guy touching you.”
“Non have before, why would they now?”
“HEY! I take offense to that.” Chase punched Keagan in the shoulder as hard as he could, but he didn’t even notice.
“What I meant was. We share a bond that goes beyond best buddies we are the same person and I will always love you little guy and now that we are going to try this ‘Thing’ out I can not afford to lose you now.” Chase turned and gave him a big hug before he left him to his thoughts and that “fucking hickey!”
I was alone again and it sucked. Today was going to be a day of first for me, I could already tell.