Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fallen Chapter 4.

I know, I know.... It's been forever since I have updated but I got struck by inspiration. Please enjoy this chapter. Like always this is unedited.

“Hey Chaser!”
 I froze in my seat. That husky whispered voice could only belong to one person, my boyfriend. Hearing his voice was liked a shot of adrenaline straight to my heart. It began to beat rapidly and my body reacted by shaking uncontrollably. With my hands shaking, I waved him down from across the room to the empty seat across from me.
“Well. To what do I owe this honor?” I joked because I was nervous, but really why was I here in this place. Looking around my surroundings I was appalled to say the least. Old dirty road signs and license plates littered every surface of the walls. Peanut shells on the floors and a heavy smoke smell hung in the air. This was a bar, a man’s bar.
Keagan he just cocked his right eyebrow at me in a mocking way. Man was he handsome; he has such an angelic face, strong features and baby soft skin, which my body was begging to touch.
“I felt like slumming.” His tone matter of fact.
I guess my face betrayed me, because he instantly back peddled…”No baby not you, this place here.” He reached his hands across the table and took mine into his bringing them to his mouth and kissing my knuckles. It was like my whole body was filled with electricity.
“I wondered, this place just doesn’t seem like… you.”
“I am eccentric I’ll have you know”
“I know that but this is a biker bar, K.”
“So…They have great wings.”
“UH HMMM….and this has nothing to do with the bleach bottle blondes in extremely deep v  white t-shirts and short booty shorts that could easily double as undies?”
“Uh, NO! I’m a man not a pig Chase. Besides, I told you that I am with you now. No one means more to me then you do.”
A slight blush creped over my skin, damn this curse of being a fair skinned ginger!!
“Why are we REALLY here?”
Keagan sighed heavily. “Fine since you are in such a hurry I wanted you to meet a friend of mine.”
He moved to put his first to fingers in his mouth like a whistle, but at first no sound came out. Then like a firecracker pain racked my ears and brain as an extremely hi pitched whirling whistle came busting from his lips. My eyes went black with small bright spots blinking in and out of my vision. I covered my ears with my hands as tight as I could to at least buffer some of the sound. With this much sound someone else was bound to hear it but as I focused all my energy to look around no one even seemed bother in the slightest. As quickly as the sound started it stopped, but my body was still humming from the shock.
When I looked back up at Keagan a beautiful Amazon of a women, no maybe she was a heroin or Villianess, stood next to him with a slightly bored expression in her face. She was striking, warm olive skin, semi oval eyes, brown as fresh dirt in the summer rain and a toned physique that any man would be jealous of. She was built to destroy men and break their spirits not only with her face and body, but with her fists as well.  When she looked at me I felt like spilling my guts and begging her to pet me as I curled around her feet, so I looked back down at the floor.
“Chase, this is Aeron. Aeron this is my boy Chase.”
“Ohhh… Your boy.” She laughed slightly. “ Haven’t we learned our lesson once before Raziel? However it is nice to meet you Chase.”
“What did you call him?”  A quick look of panic crossed both their faces, Brief but it was there.
“Sorry that’s a stupid nickname I call him to irritate him. You see, Raziel is said to be one of THE FIRST angels in the Heavens, he is said to have been gifted all the knowledge of the universe. But, when he tried to teach his knowledge to the humans on earth they used it to build weapons instead of learning and growing beyond the need for such savage and petty things. Shamed and bewildered he ascended back to the heavens to sulk and lick his wounds. To me he was a coward so that’s why I call Keagan, Raziel, because he is a coward.
Either I missed something or these two had a history, long old history, because they were locked in a death stair.
“UGMGHMRPH.” I cleared my throat. “I see, well anyways, why am I meeting you?”
“Fiesty little demon child…” 
“Don’t call him that!” Keagan cut her off.
“Like I was saying, I like him, he smells good.” She winked at me and I instantly felt like I needed a hot shower.
“Hands off, That’s mine!!” Keagans voice took on a low deep commanding tone.
“Relax coward, I’m only playing, turn down the hormones.”
“I’ll only say this ONCE, treat him kind or I’ll show you what the name Raziel truly means.”
I saw power in those words, not like figuratively, but for real, like ripples on the mirrored surface of water. I was struck speechless and scared speechless. The man I have known and loved for 17 years was strong, powerful, scary and simply gorgeous. I was turned on beyond measure.
Both Keagan and Aeron sniffed the air in unison and looked dead pan at me.
Aeron’s Lip curled up a little and her face looked like she was going to vomit “gross”.
“OH YEA! Now that’s what I’m talking ‘bout.” This was accompanied by a smug smirk, as he leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest.
“Chase, be a dear and tame your hormones before Kea mounts you on this table.”
“You know what Aeron, I’ve had enough of your attitude. I’ve done nothing wrong to you, I don’t even fricken know you and you’ve already insulted me and my mate, besides all that your just plain awful.” I was mad now, I could feel the heat rolling off my body as waves of anger seemed to take me away to a very dark place. My muscles felt like they were doubling in size and bursting from my skin. The spot on my back where my shoulder blades touched the skin suddenly burst with immense pain like my bones where trying to escape my body. Even my eyes felt like flames were rolling across my corneas because I was seeing red. I had a feeling if I could look in a mirror I would not recognize myself, that I must look like a nightmare.
“Chase, calm down.” A cool firm hand was laced on my forarm. Rage consumed my thinking.
“I will Destroy her.” My voice came out a ragged deep scratchy tone.
“Chase.” That Familiar voice started again, but this time it was a whisper in my ear. “Remember this.” A kiss to my neck, MMMM That felt good. Another one to my temple, Mmm even better. Then one to the corner of my mouth, What was I doing again? Then I was grabbed into a hug for a deep wet sloppy kiss by the man who knew exactly what it was that I needed in that moment.
“Was that enough for you to help me now Aeron?”
“Yes, I’ve seen a lot in my long life, but that.. I…I… I’ve never seen anything like that. I’m lost Raz.
“What is going on you two?” I’m not nuts right they were talking about me?
“Chase, you wanna step outside and cool off while I get our food to go.”
“Uhm okay, but we’re not done here. I want to know what’s going on.” I motioned to the two of them before walking out the door to the early summer air of the beach side town.

“He doesn’t know what he is does he Raz? And for that matter what you are?”
“NO! They sent him to live with human parents so he would grow up normal until his 18th birthday, in two weeks non the less, when he would choose who to belong to.”
“That’s not right…. Or fair to him.”
“You’re right, but that’s why I was sent by “him”  to watch over, but I too fell pray to being “human” and lost my way. Somehow I guess subconsciously I knew because we became best friends. He’s my soul mate Aeron, It’s crazy to think after a millennia I finally found THE ONE. I can feel it deep in my core, like every part of me cries out for him every second of everyday.”
“Ok Raz I’ll help him if you need me, however I can’t offer much more than that. Please leave me out of whatever it is you think is coming. Mark my words someone is going to get hurt by hum, probably A LOT of someone’s. Anyways here’s your food, go teach him what it is he is meant to be.”
“Thanks sis”
“One more thing Raz, please be careful, They’re watching.
“I know.”