Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fallen Ch.2

I have ch.2 ready now. Again unedited and I think a bit fast paced but, great because you get to meet my third favorite character. Thanks again for being so freakin awesome you guys, I am so grateful.


 The group of Shadows residing in the tree line of the woods gathered closer together. The largest shadow began to faze back into view, his grey leathery skin almost translucent with age, looked like it would decay at any moment. In one hard full body shake, 12 foot wings of obsidian black feathers ruffled free showing a faint rainbow of color effect across them, like when you look into car oil floating on water in the sun light. His body was covered in a black robe with ancient symbols and scrollwork running down both sides of the deep V over his well muscled chest. Knives of all sizes hung from his belt all the way around. One after one each shadow did the same the rest were much smaller then the first but all were sinister looking and dangerous non the less.
“ Is that the child Auza?” Came a snake like hiss from the smallest of the men.
“Yes Murmur it is, he is the child.” A deep scratchy voices that would send chills down your spine replied. His eyes began to glow electric bright blue. “We are to wait and watch, he is still protected by that….that wretched creature Straddling him.” He reached his arm up with no effort pointing only one sinister long finger out towards Keagan. “Even here more than half a mile away I can feel his power, he is stronger than any one of us combined and we do not stand a chance. Go, go back into the shadows my friends, we wait till the boy comes into his own.” With that the dark men shimmered back into shadows and fanned back out into the wooded area leaving only a wake of darkness briefly.
“Did you feel that?” Chase questioned. He was still pinned on the ground below Keagan, his hands firmly held in place above his head while the stronger man continued to tighten his grip till he would gave in and submitted.
“Your distractions wont get you out of this Chase.”
“I’m serious, I just felt… I don’t know I just feel like something is watching us.” Chases words were coming out in short breaths like he was scared.
“I feel nothing, you’re just trying to get out of this without saying I win.” Keagan smiled down at the lithe creature below him. He looked into Chases eyes and something real happened, he felt guilt for hurting his friend, this was new. They had wrestled like this for years but seeing the pain on chase’s face made him very upset. “What is going on?” He wondered. “I always win, why today do I feel like I am doing something wrong.” 
Chase continued to struggle under Keagans weight, he wasn’t hurting him but he put on a good show of it with his face. Giving huge puppy dog eyes, twisting his lips into a frown and biting his lower lip in frustration, he was having a good go with Keagans emotions. During his struggle though one of his sneakers slipped off into the grass letting his socked foot free to wrap around the front of Keagans chest. 
Keagan was too smart for this maneuver and he moved one of his hands free from holding Chase down to grab the ankle that was around his chest. But first he gave him a good tickle on the sole of his socked foot. Chase fought as long as he could but soon gave into a giggle fit.
“Stop That! I mean it! Please…. Please… I promise…. I’m gonna….Ok…. you win!” he said with a huff turning his face away from the man who just tickle tortured him. 
“Look at me Chase.” Concern controlling Keagans voice. “Are you ok?” He let go of his arms and moved his hands around Chases’ face cradling his cheek in each hand.
“I’m fine just get off me.” Anger flashed in Chases’ green eyes.
With a huff, Keagan rolled off Chase and laid on his back in the grass next to him, he interlocked his fingers and placed them behind his head. Closing his eyes he let the warmth of the sun beat down on his shirtless, sweaty, muscled body. The light of the Sun seemed to recharge him, he felt his emotions coming back into check no longer feeling bad for wrestling with his friend. He went to stand up and leave when a smaller very cold hand reached out and grabbed his forearm.
“Please don’t go.” Chase was close to tears, staring up at him with those puppy dog eyes he used all to often, he gave in and sat back down cross legged in the grass facing his best friend, he put on his usual mask of emotionless hard ass.
Chase wasn’t sure why, but he was scared to be alone. Maybe it was the feeling of being watched or seeing Keagans face right before he started to tickle him. Was there love there, is that what he saw? No there was no way, Keagan was straight. “I am nuts today!” He said internally, baring a small smile that pulled at the left corner of his lips.
“What has you smiling now? You seem to be on an emotional roller coaster today buddy.” Keagan cocked his head to the side like an inquisitive puppy.
“Nothing really, I just like being near you.” Chase scooted over to his friends left side and laid his head against his shirtless chest . Keagan threw his arm over his shoulder in a protective move and held him to his side tight.
Listening to Keagans steady heartbeat, Chase quickly drifted off to sleep.
He found himself in a dark valley, surrounded by high mountain like peeks in the distance, all he could make out was the round shape of a moon in the sky between two of the peeks casting a faint glow over the valley. He began to make his way down the path he was on towards the twin peeks in the distance. A rustle in the trees on his left had him stopping in his tracks, snapping his head quickly, listening for more and doing his best to see in the faint moon light. Instinctually he sniffed the air searching for a scent of this would be attacker. His top lip curled up on its own baring his teeth and a deep gravely growl escaped his throat, something that shocked Chase to his very core. He reached up with both hands clasping at his throat in shock but was brought back to reality when a small boy emerged from the woods. Still huddling to the trees in fear the boy opened his mouth but no sound came out.
“He doesn’t seem harmful.” Chase thought. He reached out his left hand while slowly crouching down to not seem imposing. The boy across from him with apprehension let go of his tree and slowly walked towards Chase. 
“My name is Chase?” He said very calmly, while pulling his extended hand back towards his chest. The boy lowered his head and closed his eyes.
“ I am Buer.” 
The very soft bleating of his name had Chase cocking his head slightly left. Now that the child was in more of the light he could see that Buer wasn’t human, no he had that hindquarters of a goat covered in a soft brownish fur with solid black hooves at the base.  Buer came skipping and clicking through the brush onto the gravel trail where Chase was crouching.
“Why are you here in the forest, you don’t belong here?”
“I don’t know why or how I got here.” Chase replied with uncertainty in his voice.  He stood up and looked around as if trying to get his bearings straight.
Without warning the wind picked up in a ferocious way, it came hissing from every direction, stinging at their skin. Trees swayed from side to side threatening to snap in half. Chase grabbed Buer by the waist bringing him to his chest and took off running down the trail as fast as he could. The wind changed direction, back tracking in on a central location in front of Chase down the path. In a brief second the wind turned into a funnel of purple, blue and black swirls. Screams of agony erupted from the funnel bellowing into the sky where lighting was now cracking above head. Chase charged to the left but the funnel followed, then right but with nowhere to run Chase felt a surge of pure adrenaline, with a furious roar and act of aggression Chase charged towards the funnel. Pure rage, carnal rage filled him, he felt every limb in his body on fire, taking a moment he looked down to see if Buer was ok, but first noticed he was glowing bright like an LED porch light on a pitch black front stoop.
“What the hell is going on? Is this a dream for real because, ouch, it feels real! Shouldn’t I wake up if I get hurt I thought that’s why we pinch ourself’s.” Chase protested loudly
“This is no dream.” Buer mumbled into his chest.
“What do you mean?”
“You’re in the land of the Fallen.”
Chases mouth fell open for a brief second before he remember what they were dealing with, he would come back to what Buer had just said once they were safe.
Chase Charged forward again letting his light guide him towards that which wanted to harm him, He would protect his charge no matter what. With renewed vigor he roared even louder this time shaking the swirling vortex.
“What sort of creature are you boy?” A soft feminine voice came from inside the mass.
“I am a human being!” He yelled in reply.
“That can not be, they are not allowed in our lands.” A gorgeous blue haired female stepped out of the funnel as it dissipated around her.
She was stunning, blue hair down to her round apple shaped ass, she had green eyes as large as an alley cat and just as attentive. Her body was covered in black leather which contrasted with her fair skin, over her legs she wore 8 inch thigh high leather stilettos. She was a bad ass and Chase new this, after all she was inside the tornado of wind.
“What are you?” Chase asked defiantly.
“ I am Raven, Sorceress and Protector to the Valley of the Fallen, safe haven to all those who are not truly damned. Are you ok Buer? Has he hurt?” She was cut off.
“Excuse me!” Chase barked as he moved to place himself in front of the now standing satyr. “How dare you, if anything I was protecting him from your crazy wind, bitch.”
“You will watch that vile tongue of yours child or I will remove it for you.” She hissed fists clenched in front of her as she stomped towards Chase.
“SSSSTTTTTTOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPP!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. Light, bright blinding light came rushing from his body. He was on fire, scared and just wanting to protect the child from, this Raven women. In a brief stand the light got brighter and brighter it threatened to encompass everything till it faded back and Chase found himself lying in his bed.


  1. What? You cant stop there... :( more i like it so much

  2. LOL MUAHHHA loved it! I am a badass. Just an FYI. LOL. Omg Keagan needs to get the fallen show on the road. And poor Chase! I'd think I was going insane after all that. Hopefully Keagan will help him out. Hint Hint Hint. :) Awesome work and really not that bad unedited. Keep up the great work.


  3. Great story!!! Will continue to follow your blog!

  4. I am very impatient and you are torturing me so deliciously.. I cant wait to find out what Chase is as well as Keagan and how they fit into this Fallen World!!!